5 Things We’re Thankful For

thankful thanksgiving iowa

Thanksgiving is now only 2 days away, which means we are less than 48 hours from stuffing our faces with turkey, mashed potatoes, pie, and other delicious treats. When we wake up from our food coma, we will be surrounded by family, friends, and good football games. It’s easy to see why Thanksgiving is such a popular holiday! However, we also realize that it this Thursday serves as a reminder to step back and appreciate the blessings that each of us has in our lives. With the Thanksgiving spirit in mind, we have 5 things that we are very thankful for this year at Laser Resources:

1. Our Wonderful Additions To The LRI Team

This year we are truly thankful for our team here at Laser Resources. As our business continues to grow, we continue to bring the very best people in the print and mail industry on board here at LRI. Tony, Mark, Renee, Dave, Tarah, Ryan, and Jared have all been fantastic additions to our sales, service, and support staffs. They have brought a new energy to our offices and we’ve had a blast getting to know them better. Also, they’re bringing in new customers! We’re very thankful for them.

2. Pitney Bowes

This year marked the first year that we have been an official Pitney Bowes mailing solutions dealer. We were the first independent company in Iowa to be chosen by Pitney Bowes, and we’ve been fortunate to get off to a great start with several of our local customers here in Des Moines. With Pitney Bowes joining our offering, we can now offer our customers document solutions from idea to printing to distribution, which is an offering that none of our independent competitors in Iowa can match. We’re thankful for that!

3. DocuWare

This year was also exciting because we began a partnership with DocuWare, which is the world leader in document management. Through DocuWare’s software, customers can manage their documents and store them securely within the cloud, giving them access to their documents anywhere at any time. They can also manage projects with ease, as team members can collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and more, no matter where they are. We can handle document creation and security for our customers now, and we are thankful for that opportunity.

4. Canon

2013 was our first full year of selling and servicing Canon printing solutions, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have paired up with the most popular multifunction copier company in the world. With Canon, we can now offer our customers industry-leading digital presses and large-format printers. These large-format printers are becoming more popular every day, as offices across Iowa see the uses for banners, posters, blueprints, drawings, photography, and more. This is yet another fantastic product from a global brand that we are proud to add to our offering for our Iowa customers.

5. YOU

Most importantly, we are thankful for you: our customers and our friends. Without you, we simply wouldn’t be here. We wouldn’t be able to assemble a local team of experts that enjoy working together and serving central Iowa. We wouldn’t be able to work with industry giants like Pitney Bowes and Canon. When so many others are looking to branch out of Iowa and plant their businesses in other locations, we are thankful for our central Iowa community. We’re thankful to be involved with great citizens and businesses here in Des Moines.

Thank you for helping our business celebrate 22 fantastic years. We are very grateful.

Now, go enjoy some turkey and football!