A Night at the Iowa State Fair

This post has absolutely nothing to do with the print industry. There. There’s your disclaimer. However, as I wipe the deep-fried grease off my fingers (and now my keyboard), this post has everything to do with families, fun, and being proud to call Iowa home. LRI held its annual “Night at the Iowa State Fair” two nights ago. Go LIKE our Facebook page for some wild photos, and look at our previous blog for some history on the fair. Now, to the funtivities:

Iowa State Fair Pavilion

The Horse Pavilion at the Iowa State Fair

Families all came out to the fair at different times during the day, and it was a gorgeous Tuesday to be out at the fair. It was low 80’s, sunny, and smelled like livestock everywhere you went. Mmmm…heaven. With my family, we saw spent some time with the pigs, cattle, and sheep. We spotted the Big Boar, which weighed in at over 1,300 lbs (a new fair record) and the Super Bull, which was double that at 2,600 lbs. I didn’t mess with either of them out of a strange mixture of fear, respect, and more fear.

The Iowa State Fair Big Boar, Reggie.

The Big Boar

Iowa State Fair Super bull

The Super Bull

We then meandered around, eating little snacks on a stick to keep our energy (and cholesterol) levels up. I managed to sneak in BOTH a Fair Square and a Pineapple Whip while touring through the Varied Industries Building. There were so many hot tubs on display in that building that I thought some people might actually dip in for a soak before heading out to more events. We also managed to snap a shot of our CEO, Bob, with some impressive dairy cows:

Iowa State Fair cows

Bob, Daisy, and Sunflower

After all this walking around, we needed some more food. And boy, were we in the right place. We met up with some more LRI employees and hit up the Old West Bar-B-Q for some tasty pork chops, beans, cole slaw, and cold beers. If that doesn’t just scream to you “IOWA STATE FAIR”, you need to go shove your face into the Butter Cow. The food was delicious and the company was even better.

Old West Bar-B-Q at the Iowa State Fair

Our restaurant for the evening

Laser Resources at the Iowa State Fair

Our group enjoying the grub

iowa state fair laser resources

A happy customer!

After our feast, and a few cold ones, we had a group head out to Hairball, an 80’s rock band. We jammed, we laughed, and we enjoyed a near perfect night of weather. As an added bonus, we could also hear The Band Perry playing at the Grandstand just a few hundred yards away. After the great music, we all split up and headed home. After all, it was a Tuesday night, we have to work in the morning!

night sky iowa state fair

Another great day at the fair