Are Copiers Still Needed in 2013?

Copier In Digital Age

A part of our business includes selling, servicing, and supporting copiers. With the abundance of iPads, e-books, smart phones, scanning, and PDF’s, you might wonder how a copier fits in to this digital age. If people are using less paper, can a copier adapt and still bring value to your organization? Does your company still need one?

You know that a phone is no longer just a phone, and a copier is not just a copier. These machines will do more than run a copy of your meeting agenda (or your co-worker’s face). This equipment prints color at blazing speeds, scans two-sided documents with no problem, and faxes your documents if needed. These multifunction copiers can take your work and turn it into a stapled booklet, a 3-hole-punched packet, or a series of bound presentations. This can all be done on a variety of paper sizes and weights.

Touch screens on phones and tablets are everywhere these days. This includes on your copier, as the control panels are now touch screens that are much more intuitive than they used to be. You no longer have to be an “expert” to run the copier and get your desired results.

You can save your desired preferences on all of your personal devices, and you love that, don’t you? Well if you run the same print job frequently, you can save these jobs right at the copier itself, so you don’t have to re-send the job every time you need a new booklet. These job templates save you a ton of time and put these common company documents on the copier where everyone can access and print them.

Everything is getting more connected in this digital age, and copiers are no exception. The copiers are wired into your network, making managing your documents much easier. If your company like scanning, you have your choice of scanning directly to someone’s email inbox or to a shared folder, meaning that you can access these scans right from your phone or iPad instantly. You can upload documents from your computer directly to the copier and save them there for later use. You can pull documents from a USB drive or access the internet directly from the copier and pull PDF’s from the Web if you’d like.

As we adopt more devices, we need to track our use. Multifunction copiers can be programmed with user codes to track everyone’s copies and prints, ┬átaking the hassle out of budgeting the department’s print dollars. These machines will also tell your copier dealer (like us) when they are running low on supplies, so that we can automatically ship the toner to you. It couldn’t be much easier than that, right?

What is your biggest issue with your current copier? Is it easy to use, or does it seem outdated? Let us know in the comments!