Are You Losing Money With An Old Copier?

copier doctor check up iowa

If you owned an older model car getting 1/3 of the gas mileage of today’s models, you would certainly look to upgrade and save your wallet from hemorrhaging money at the gas pump. However, your office continues shelling out monthly payments for an out-dated copier that is costing you money with every copy and print. What if you could bring a significant cost savings to your organization simply by suggesting an audit of your current copy/print equipment? What if you were the reason that your organization ended up saving 20% on their current costs? (Isn’t it time for that promotion?)

At Laser Resources, we run equipment audits all the time for organizations in Des Moines, Ames, Mason City, Cedar Rapids, and throughout the state of Iowa. What we typically find is that companies don’t check up on their copy/print operation or what it is costing them. This equipment (and its service) has a direct effect on your bottom line, yet most groups will continue to blindly pay leases and service bills on old printers and copiers when they could be saving near 20% of their print costs. And it’s not just money they could be saving; they could also be saving time. These organizations could save money and enjoy faster print speeds and greater finishing capabilities with a newer model. It’s a win-win, and a simple audit can help you match your print equipment to your document output.

For organizations that have desktop printers in every cubicle, did you know that average desktop color printers cost you around $1 for every print?? With a centralized multifunction copier, these costs would plummet to around $0.10/print. That’s an immediate 90% savings. What could your office do if it kept 90% of it’s money on every single print?

If your office is in need of a copier check-up, give us a call! Our local team of experts in Des Moines travels all over Iowa helping organizations just like yours to save money. You can reach us at 515-278-4050, or through an email inquiry on our home page.

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