Buy A Copier or Printer In Mason City

North central Iowa is a wonderful place. You’ve got beautiful farm land, wind, Clear Lake, wind, popular county fairs, wind, and fun activities and events in Mason City. And wind. But hey, we need that renewable energy, and northern Iowa seems to have a never-ending supply of wind for the rest of the state. But what if you’re looking to buy a multifunction copier or printer? Can you find a local, Iowa company to meet your needs around Mason City and Clear Lake? We know that buying a copier or printer for your office is a difficult (and expensive) decision, so it helps if you know who to trust. That’s why we are here to help. Below, we offer some data to help you when making these decisions.

In a 2012 analysis conducted by Gartner, the 10 most popular office multifunction copier brands were ranked according to total units sold in the United States. Canon leads the way (probably their motivation for publicizing the study), but the rest of the 10 are worth noting as well. You can see the chart and numbers below.

ranking best copiers printers in united states

These 10 brands are national industry leaders in the copy and print market, and they should all be considered when your organization is looking for a new copier. To be clear, all of these copy machines will be able to print, scan, and fax as well, that is why they are called “multifunction” copers and printers (or MFP’s). Below, you will also see which local printer and copier dealers serving Mason City, Iowa, actually sell and service equipment from each of these top 10 manufacturers.

copiers printers in mason city iowa


Laser Resources leads the way in this group of Iowa businesses, working with 6 of the top 9 multifunction copier and printer brands in the world. Laser Resources works with the #1 brand in the world, Canon, and is the only company servicing Mason City and Clear Lake to offer award-winning Toshiba solutions (we are the largest Toshiba dealer in Iowa). This allows us to provide a truly custom solution for our customers’ specific needs, as we are not tied down to just one or two brands. With 6 of the top 9 industry leaders represented, Laser Resources offers you the most options in Mason City when creating a custom solution to your copy or print needs. (You can also see how we stack up in Des Moines.)

Even better than this equipment is our commitment to customer service. If you’re in Mason City or Clear Lake and are looking for some examples of our customer service, you can ask our friends at Clear Lake Bank & Trust or Dimensional Graphics, two loyal customers. We believe in turning every single customer into a “raving fan” and we work with you to make sure your operation never misses a beat, from installation to training to proactive maintenance. In fact, Laser Resources is the only Iowa company to earn the prestigious PROs Elite Top 100 Dealer in America award, which is only awarded to dealers who meet a very strict set of customer service metrics.

If you’re in Mason City, Clear Lake, or the surrounding area and you’re in the market for a new copier or printer, give us a call or shoot an email to! We would be happy to learn more about your business and give you some customized options to help improve your workflow.

All above information was taken from each company’s public website.