Did You Know?

We’re back for another edition of Thursday Thoughts! First things first: we have to give a shout out to Sally Robson for figuring out our brain buster so quickly, good work Sally! We will have to get trickier next time. Now, let’s get educated on some printing history. Get your notepad ready over there.

Did you know the first printing press was a converted wine press? Johannes Gutenberg gets a lot of credit for his original printing press, but maybe he was just a little “over-served” and started playing around with his wine press…either way, we all owe a lot to Gutenberg and his invention (us at LRI, especially).  The press was first invented in 1439 and it worked by pressing metal letters onto sheets of paper or parchment. The press revolutionized the sharing of information, because people could now mass produce messages and get the word out to more people easier. This increased education and the spread of knowledge around the globe, as books were easier to duplicate and reading became more important. The printing press paved the way for many mass media outlets we still enjoy today: newspapers, magazines, Internet, e-mail, etc. We were only about 567 years away from Twitter and being able to let the entire world know every single time you eat a sandwich, as you’re eating it.

Did you know Mexico had a printing press before America, Russia, or Ireland? Our neighbors to the south had a printing press in 1534, which was 105 years before the first one in America popped up in Cambridge, Mass., in 1639. The press was operated by a widow whose husband had died on the way over from England.

Did you know that the popular Garamond font is named after French printer Claude Garamond? Letters, punctuation marks, and even blank spaces for these printing presses were made by hand, and some printers created their own typefaces (or fonts). Garamond created his own, and evidently, it was a font that transcends time. France: the Land of Good Toast, Great Fries, and the Best Fonts.

Here at LRI, we have the latest in printing technology, and its come a long way since Johannes and jerry-rigged his wine press. Give us a call at 515-278-4050 or check out our website at www.laserresources.com to upgrade your equipment and receive the nationally-awarded service from LRI. See you next Thursday, everyone, and maybe next time I’ll do this in Garamond font.