DocuWare Document Management Improves Office Workflow

laser resources document management workflow docuware iowa

Laser Resources has a long history of helping customers throughout Iowa with their documents. Whether that be through cost-saving multifunction devices, production print engines, or Pitney Bowes mailing solutions, we have always worked hard to bring the very best document systems to our customers.

Today, that service expands into improving office workflow with document management with industry leading software from DocuWare. But what is document management? How does it work with your current network? And how is it different from using network folders? We sat down with Scott Lewis, Regional Sales Director at DocuWare, to help answer these questions for you:

1) What is the biggest benefit to customers using DocuWare?

DocuWare can offer businesses of all sizes different benefits.  Clients look at Electronic Content Management (ECM), and DocuWare specifically, to maximize the benefit of their workforce and their content. Content can be scanned paper, email, word processing files, spreadsheet files, CAD, or anything that can stored on your computer.  This can include reducing paper storage, meeting compliance issues, as well becoming part of a disaster management/business continuity plan.  But the biggest reason clients look at DocuWare today is to add to their bottom line.  DocuWare can help a customer become more profitable through speeding up of processes to take early pay discounts, improving relationships with vendors to negotiate lower prices, reducing head count or reapplying existing head count to profit centers, recognizing revenue faster, and even freeing time to process more quote and orders.


2) How is DocuWare different than using shared folders or networks?

Shared folders on a network allow for the storage of content; it does not typically allow for the management of content.  Managing the content can allow a business to put rules on their documents for workflow improvements.  It allows for escalation of processes to meet deadlines and it allows for automated retention rules to purge documents based on age or other rules.  DocuWare also allow for enhanced security on the content to allow or restrict the user’s ability to view, print, email, modify, and/or delete (to name a few permissions).  Shared folders also do not keep track of or automate the version history for a document.


3) Can DocuWare fit in small business environments?

DocuWare has options for both on premise (client/server) and cloud solutions.  Both solutions offer the same functionality that any small business can afford. Either scenario can scale down to 2 users or up to 1000+ users.  But for the smallest of offices, DocuWare can be as inexpensive as $250 per month.  This is less than some business’ monthly electric or internet bill.


4) What is the DocuWare installation process like?

The process really starts from the initial meeting.  LRI’s DocuWare Application Consultant (DAC), Dave Trembly, will meet with you to learn more about your business.  The conversations will uncover your current processes, plans for future growth, and the cost of doing business the current way.  From there the DAC can determine if DocuWare can improve on that current process through automation and where the benefits may come and what those benefits will add to your bottom line.  From there we can take sample documents and build a custom demo for your specific needs and processes.  Upon agreement the ground work is there to build a Statement of Work to finalize the configuration.  Installation with configuration and training can be 1-2 days for a basic install with little to no workflow, to several days for more complicated installs with numerous workflows.

5) Who are current DocuWare customers through Laser Resources?

We are happy to serve our friends at Speck USA in Des Moines, Universal Insurance Group in Des Moines, and Kinzler Companies in Ames, Ankeny, and Waterloo.