Enter Email Addresses Into Your Copier

scan to email toshiba konica minolta email shortcuts

Let’s make life easier around the office. So you want to enter email addresses (or email “shortcuts”) into your copier for future use? We can help!


This is one of the most common questions we receive. With the added functionality of scan-to-email for multifunction copiers and printers, we help customers add email addresses to their print and copy equipment all the time.


For the most common models, follow these simple steps. (Keep in mind, the wording and exact location of some buttons may vary slightly depending on your model.)

1- Make sure your device is connected to the network, then find the IP address of your copier or printer (usually this format: xx.xx.xx.xx).

2- Enter that IP address in the URL bar of your Internet browser on your computer (ie: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc…). This will bring up the device’s user interface.

3- For Toshiba devices, click on the “REGISTRATION” tab, then click on the blue “ADDRESS BOOK” link. This leads you to the Address Book page.

For Konica Minolta devices: click on the “MAILBOX” tab/icon. (Usually orange).

4- Now you can enter new email addresses by clicking on “ADD ADDRESSES”. Once you’ve entered a First Name, Last Name, and Email Address, you can click “SAVE”. You can also edit or delete any existing email addresses.

Konica Minolta: Click on “NEW REGISTRATION”, then select “EMAIL” and click OK. You can now enter a Name and and Email Address for your shortcut. You can also select the “MAIN” checkbox to show this shortcut on your main address book screen (otherwise it will index the shortcuts in alphabetical order).

5- Now go to the copier or printer. You’ll see the email address(es) you’ve entered are in the device’s address book when you scan-to-email.


Two short videos that can walk you through the process, once you have entered the IP address into your Internet’s URL bar:

Toshiba – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OPUIKAplubk

Konica Minolta – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hAvEsruUB3w