Get a Meter Read Off of Your Copier (Without Breaking a Sweat)

We’re back with some more fun tech tips to make you look somewhat intelligent around the company copier! Remember How To Change Your Toner in Under 10 Seconds? Ok, so this is a pretty generous definition of “fun” but hey, they are still tips.

If you have a contract with Laser Resources, or any other copier/printer dealer, then you will likely need to send them a meter read off of your copy machine. The following tips are based off of a Konica Minolta BizHub C350, but most copiers will be very similar aside from some differences in wording.

The “meter” shows how many actual documents have been processed through the machine (one document = one click). Actual documents include anything that has been printed or copied (scans don’t count because the machine doesn’t actually produce these documents in hard-copy). So if you have to make 15 copies of an important document, that will result in 15 clicks showing up on the meter. Depending on the machine, the meter could also give you additional information, like black and white clicks compared to color clicks. Dealers like LRI depend on these meter reads to predict when a machine will need maintenance or supplies, whether or not the machine is being used effectively, and how to price the ongoing maintenance programs for their customers.

Now that you know what a click is, and why we need those precious meter reads, here’s an illustrated guide to reading your meter without even putting down that coffee mug!

STEP ONE: Find the Control Panel

Your control panel is the only big screen surrounded by a bunch of buttons on the front of your copier. If you can’t find this, hang your head in shame and stand in the corner until everyone else in your office comes and points to the control panel.

laser resources copier meter read

STEP TWO: Press “Utility” Button on Control Panel

There is a button that reads “Utility” on the left side of the control panel. Press it. Now, the wording may be different on some machines. Some may even say “Meter”, but they should all lead you to the same place.

laser resources copier meter read

STEP THREE: Press “Counter List” on Control Panel Screen

After pressing the “Utility” button, the screen on the Control Panel should go into the “Utility” menu. In this menu, you should see a button on the screen that reads “Counter List” (or something similar). Press it.

laser resources copier meter read

STEP FOUR: Read the Counter

On the Control Panel screen, you should now see the Counter. If your machine has black and white and color options, it may break the counter into different categories. But the “Total Counter” will show you the total amount of clicks on the machine (860,477 clicks on this machine). Read it! And if you don’t want to memorize it for your dealer, you can print this number off by clicking the “Print” button right above the Total Counter. Now enjoy being an office hero because of your incredible knowledge!

laser resources copier meter read