Helping the Helpers

It’s Thursday, so that means its time for some new thoughts. You know who does a lot of thinking? Students. You know who does even more thinking and then also grades these thoughts? Teachers. We have all been students and have memories of our favorite (and our least favorite) teachers. At some point, we have all tried to teach something to someone and have experienced the hardship, the frustration, and the joy of getting our lesson across. Thank God that there are people out there who can teach passionately (and consistently) and have the patience to help others reach their full potential. My best teachers had patience and got excited about teaching, and they took a serious interest in my progress as a student.

Here at Laser Resources, we want to help those who help others. LRI proudly serves over 25 school districts of all sizes in central Iowa and is the print services provider for Heartland AEA District 11, which serves schools in a 15-county area of central Iowa. We also serve the University of Iowa and the University of Northern Iowa. We know learning and teaching are hard enough; you shouldn’t have to worry about annoying things like paper jams and running out of toner. That’s what we do, so these talented people can focus on teaching the next generation. We help teachers and students spend more time in the classroom and less time at the copier by offering high-speed machines with copy/print/scan/fax capabilities and the ability to print directly from the internet. Personally, I’m glad my teachers didn’t have as many of these options, or I would have been forced to read more pages instead of practicing my spitball-in-the-straw technique (I’m really good).

So, here’s to all the teachers out there. We appreciate what you do and we want to help you do it even better. We are proud to serve so many schools and look forward to continue serving more right here in central Iowa. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to raise my hand and request a bathroom pass.

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