How to Change Out a Toner Bottle in 10 seconds (with pictures!)

So, you have a really nice copy/print machine and you see the little alert come on your touchscreen: replace the toner. Immediately, your palms start sweating, you feel a cool chill run through your body, and you start looking for your nearest EXIT signs. Where is that IT guy?! Why would he ever think to leave this complicated machine unsupervised? Shouldn’t he just live next to it in a hut made out of reams of paper?

Relax. This isn’t hard, even for people with zero techie skills (like this author). The below example is based on a Konica Minolta 1200 black and white machine, but these will apply to all Konica Minola machines and are similar to what you will find for other production printers.

STEP ONE (2.2 sec)

Remove the front access panel at the bottom center of the machine. The panel will fold down. Pull the used toner bottle out towards your body, and take it out of the holding tray.

STEP TWO (4.7 sec)

After locating your new toner bottle (where did Nancy put those??), remove the red cap on the top of the bottle and throw it away. Place the new bottle in the holding tray of the machine, with the bottle’s sticky tab going into the machine first and facing up towards the ceiling.

STEP THREE (1.9 sec)

Push the holding tray into the machine and close the front access panel.

STEP FOUR (1.2 sec)

Dispose of the old toner bottle in a toner recycling receptacle; do not just throw it away. We want to be green with our office equipment!

4 steps, 10 seconds, and no pulling out your eyelashes or scaring your co-workers. Good job! That’s it.