Reporting from Our Iowa Igloo

Well, the weather reports were right. Iowa had its first legitimate blizzard in 2 years (including thunder and lightning!), and today all schools are closed and businesses are forced to start late or work from home. At Laser Resources, we are in that latter group and working from our various homes throughout Des Moines and central Iowa.

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According to KCCI News Channel 8, central Iowa got hit with between 7-13 inches of snow last night. Des Moines International Airport reported over 11 inches of snow, while the National Weather Service in Johnston reported over 13 inches. Thousands are without power (over 33,000 in the Des Moines metro) and even interstates are difficult to travel at the moment.

After being inactive most of last winter, snow removal services are running around Iowa helping to clear roads, driveways, and parking lots. Hopefully everyone can return to their normal routines tomorrow. At Laser Resources, we have some copier and multifunction printer installations to take care of before the end of the year and it would sure be easier with clear streets! For now, we will have to throw on our parkas, fire up the hot chocolate, and work from inside our snowed-in igloos -er, homes.

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A true Iowa blizzard… stay safe!

For everyone out there, stay safe and don’t travel anywhere you don’t have to! And be thankful for a white Christmas! Snowball fight, anyone?