Iowa Schools Cut Costs and Track Print Activity with PaperCut

PaperCut is a fully-featured print and copy control software that is fully customizable depending on your school, organization, or business. PaperCut has been widely applauded throughout the industry and is now the leader in print management software. Using PaperCut has helped our customers eliminate paper waste, secure their multifunction printers, and track activity by users and printers.


This summer, we’ve been busy installing PaperCut solutions at schools across Iowa, including Pella Schools, West Des Moines Schools, Linn-Mar Schools, Iowa State University, and the University of Iowa. It’s been a busy summer!


If you’re new to PaperCut, I wanted to highlight popular uses for the software. For an overview of the most powerful features, check out this video:

User Authentication and Monitoring

PaperCut allows you to restrict access to your copier or printer to certain users. You can do this by individual users, departments, or offices. This allows you to track activity and monitor usage by individuals so that you can modify behavior if needed. You are able to track copies, prints, scans, and faxes by user or by device. With PaperCut, you can gain access to the printer through specific codes or by using card readers (with prox badges).

Many schools are now using prox badges to access their copiers and printers, as every staff member is typically already wearing their school ID badge. This prevents strangers from wasting your money on unnecessary prints and modifies your staff’s behavior through activity tracking.

“Follow Me” Printing

One of the most convenient new features of PaperCut is called “Follow Me” printing. With “Follow Me” printing, staff members are able to send their print job to a virtual print queue and retrieve their job at any copier or printer in the district. The copier will hold the print job until you physically retrieve it at a networked device, eliminating security risks. You can also delete the print job if you discover you no longer need it, which drastically reduces paper waste.

This means that a busy high school teacher could send a print job from her office, go to lunch, and retrieve her print job two hours later when she drops off supplies at nearby elementary school. Her print job “follows” her throughout the district. Pretty cool, right?

Save Money With Job Cost Accounting

The favorite tool of every Chief Financial Officer and District Superintendent or Business Manager, PaperCut also allows you to track activity and assign costs to each user based on their prints, copies, and faxes. You can assign your district’s specific cost to each job and then charge it back to that individual, office, or department.

Through cost accounting, businesses and school districts are able to greatly reduce their print costs while also reducing paper waste. It’s a win-win for everyone: the organization and the environment!


If you’re interested in learning more, please contact our PaperCut expert: Andy Lashier ( You can also read more from PaperCut here.