Laser Resources Partners with ProShip Multi-Carrier Shipping Software

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It has been an exciting winter here at Laser Resources and we are thrilled to announce that we have partnered with ProShip, a world leader in multi-carrier shipping software for organizations big and small. You are already familiar with Laser Resources for being Iowa’s leader in multifunction printers, production print, Pitney Bowes mailing equipment, and document management software. We are pleased to now offer customers a simple solution for saving money on every package they ship through ProShip.

So what exactly is multi-carrier shipping software? How does it help your organization save money? How does it save time? We asked these questions to our very own Ryan Gauldin, part of our Shipping Solutions team here at Laser Resources. Here’s what he had to say:

1) How does a multi-carrier shipping solution benefit Iowa customers?

Multi-carrier shipping solutions allow companies to gain control of their shipping and mailing costs, typically saving them an average of 30-50%. Most companies have multiple systems for their different outgoing package types (FedEX, UPS, USPS, etc.) They also have multiple platforms within each system (i.e. ground, air and international). Multi-carrier shipping solutions such as ProShip allow customers to not only use their current pre-negotiated pricing with vendors, but price shops all available services to ensure the lowest costs are being achieved. Also, automation levels are completely adjustable based on customer shipping volumes, frequencies, and desired applied business rules. LRI now has a solution for every customer, large or small!

2) How is multi-carrier shipping software different than UPS or FedEx?

UPS and FedEX both have their own proprietary shipping solutions. However, UPS software can only ship UPS packages, and FedEX software can only ship FedEX packages. They don’t look for the lowest rate or fastest delivery time. Independent systems are also very antiquated and lack the level of integration desired by larger more complex organizations. Also, UPS and FedEX have limited abilities in dealing with true shipping (i.e. TL and LTL). ProShip has the ability to palletize mail for zone skipping and drop shipping, all while utilizing TL and LTL negotiated rates with almost every vendor on Earth. ProShip also allows us at LRI to integrate at whatever level the client’s wishes determine. No matter the database, ERP, CRM, or WMS, our solutions will meet the client’s needs!

3) Why is Laser Resources’ multi-carrier offering so unique in Iowa?

LRI has built a reputation for finding the best solutions, and not just a good product, but specifically to fit a need. When we researched our client’s needs, we found a gap in the high end market that wasn’t being adequately met. Our current offerings of Sendsuite Xpress and Sendsuite Live are great products and meet the needs of most shipping customers, but with ProShip our clients can reach a level of automation never seen in Iowa. This is why we decided to partner with Proship. To provide the right solution, not just a product.

ProShip is the fastest, most compliant shipping system on the market. For customers who want a fully automated system that ties front end data from CRM’s, ERP’s, etc. to back end accounting systems it offers an unparalleled experience. ProShip can handle a record 1,000,000 transactions per hour from a single server (200 per second!), all while maintaining your business rules and objectives. ProShip also has a 99.9% uptime, meaning customers face minimal interruptions to daily processing.

4) What is the biggest benefit to customers who use multi-carrier shipping solutions?

The biggest benefit to customers who use multi-carrier shipping solutions is automation and lower shipping costs. Plain and simple. We are all looking for ways to improve productivity and reduce expenses. LRI’s shipping solutions do just that by controlling costs and improving efficiencies.


An example of ProShip working with Trek: