LRI’s Urbandale Community & Customer BBQ Recap

Our inaugural Community & Customer Appreciation BBQ was a huge success! A quick thanks to everyone that came out and partied with us on a beautiful Thursday evening, including all the awesome members of ISU Dance Marathon that made the trip down south to show us some fantastic dance moves. We are still trying to learn a few here between meetings at LRI. And despite the pulled muscles and sore knees, we are making encouraging progress… Anyway, here is a recap of that special night. If you were with us, see if you can find yourself in our pictures on Facebook! If not, simply read on and weep softly to yourself as you realize what a fun event you missed out on. (And make sure to RSVP next year!)


The tent guys arrive at our party location to set up the tents and drop off all of our tables and chairs. It’s cloudy and looking like rain, so I’m sweating. BBQ just doesn’t taste as good in a downpour.


laser resources bbq iowa

Our beautiful view


With the tents set up, we post signs to direct traffic to our BBQ later. It’s right across the street from our offices with blasting music and giant white tents, but we don’t to take any chances on people missing us.


Sunshine! We all say a silent prayer. This is a big relief after a few hours of going back and forth between the online weather report and sprinting to the window to see if it was truly “clearing up”.


The vast majority of the office decides “Enough work. I’m sure I can help set up tables and chairs. Plus, I heard the keg is here.” And they were right. The weather is nice, the food/beer are arriving, and we do actually need some help setting up tables. Also, Tony Valdez and Retro Rockets (featuring our own John Logan) have arrived and are tuning up for the evening. Why would you stay in the office?!

laser resources team iowa party



Now people outside of LRI start arriving (and enjoying the libations). It is great to see customers and friends coming and hanging out outside the office setting. Everyone starts mingling and the first people start picking at the delicious Jethro’s BBQ. Tony and the band get going and everyone starts tapping their feet and nodding their heads.

laser resources iowa party

The keg was always popular


The first participant decides it’s time to smash a printer! We have several weapons of destruction, including different sized bats and a sledgehammer (the most popular tool). Dick takes a swing with the sledgehammer and begins the demolition. All proceeds went to ISU Dance Marathon to support the Children’s Miracle Network, and we are proud to say we raised $230 for Iowa children with life-threatening illnesses. THANK YOU for supporting this fantastic cause.

laser resources printer smash iowa

Dick takes the first swing


The party is hopping now. The sun has stayed out, the Dance Marathon dancers have arrived, and now 4 printers have all met their doom in the name of charity. Also, we get featured on the Channel 8 news. No kidding… look at this!


ISU Dance Marathon performs the Morale Dance for everyone in attendance. This dance is done every hour on the hour throughout the whole 15-hour Dance Marathon event held on ISU’s campus in late January. This added a lot of smiles and laughs to the evening, and we recorded a small portion of this fantastic dance here… watch it! And for a longer version of this dance, and more fun videos, check out ISU DM’s Youtube.


dance marathon morale dance laser resources iowa

ISU DM performs the Morale Dance


The party is supposedly “ending”, but don’t tell anyone in attendance! Tony and the band are still rocking and the printers are now completely destroyed! The Jethro’s BBQ has also been devoured, but the beer is still flowing and the conversations are still good. We love this place.


printer smash laser resources iowa

More smashing


After a long night of good food, good music, cold beer, and great friends, everyone starts making their way back home. Some of the LRI team sticks around to help clean up, and the printer smash area needs the most attention. However, everything is easier to clean when you are also finishing up a keg…


isu dance marathon laser resources iowa

ISU DM after smashing the printers!

Thanks again to everyone who came out to see us! We will be doing this again next year, only bigger and better, so keep your eyes open for updates. In the meantime, like our Facebook page for more pictures and videos from this event. And to make sure you don’t miss the next one!