#MayDayExpo Recap

Wow! What a fun day. If you follow us here at Laser Resources, you may have heard about our May Day Expo that we hosted at the Iowa Hall of Pride in downtown Des Moines on May 1st. If you were there, thanks for joining us! If you weren’t- what in the world were you doing?! Just kidding. Here is a recap of the day’s events:

The Set Up

We spent the afternoon hours of Tuesday, April 30th, delivering our machines downtown and setting up our stations in the Hall of Heroes. We also worked with a great group at the Iowa Hall of Pride to make sure all of our power requirements were met. They custom-wired the Hall just for us! On the morning of the 1st, we had several employees get down to the Iowa Hall of Pride early to set up their stations and get the equipment ready to present. After carefully loading, pushing, and pulling our machines around, we were ready for a day full of information, food, and fun!

May Day Product Expo Des Moines Iowa Laser Resources

The Lunch Crowd

We had a great turnout right when we opened up at noon. Either you guys were really interested in our presentations, or you were simply looking to escape the office at all costs. We had a great presentation from Pitney Bowes executive Kevin Thompson that focused on print-to-mail solutions for organizations of all types and sizes. We also began our smaller presentations in the Hall of Heroes, where people were milling around and talking with Laser Resources representatives about digital presses, mailing equipment, multifunction copiers, and large-format printers.

 May Day Product Expo Des Moines Iowa Laser Resources

The Large Format Presentations

Throughout the day, we noticed that one area of the Hall of Heroes always had people “oooh”-ing and “ahhhh”-ing: the large-format printer presentations run by Canon executive Jim Acheson. Attendees saw the printer printing out crystal-clear photographs, blueprints, and banners on a variety of different substrates. Jim was even able to make a couple custom prints for attendees as they were watching the demonstration! Check out this banner for Chase, a son of one of our employees. Chase’s birthday was May 2nd, and this photo was emailed from a cell phone and printed onto this banner within 10 minutes!

May Day Product Expo Des Moines Iowa Laser Resources

The Color Coach

Randy Norian (aka The Color Coach) was presenting throughout the day on digital color management. Between demonstrations on his Konica Minolta C7000 and keynote speeches in the Experience Iowa Theater, attendees learned about their digital color operation and how they can maximize the output of their equipment. This valuable information is only available through an industry expert like Randy, and attendees were intrigued and entertained as they saw how to match their proofs to their prints with perfect color.

The Happy Hour

As the day wound down hoers d’oeuvres, beer, and wine were served by the outstanding team at Ovations. Guests snacked on some absolutely delicious food as they talked about their print and mailing questions and networked with area professionals. Some guests even enjoyed some of the wonderful exhibits at the Iowa Hall of Pride!

May Day Product Expo Des Moines Iowa Laser Resources

May Day Product Expo Des Moines Iowa Laser Resources

The iPad Mini Giveaways

As guests signed in to the May Day Expo, they could sign up to win one of two iPad Mini’s. We were pleased to have a bunch of great entries and two very deserving winners: Nathan T. and Jon O.! They were understandably excited to be leaving the show with a brand new iPad Mini, and we were happy to have a little fun with the guests!

The Clean Up

After the food and drinks, guests started heading home around 7:30pm. We loved having everyone come and hang out with us for a day out of the office! We started cleaning up the Expo and packing up all of our machines. With help from several employees, we were all cleaned up and packed away by 8pm. All in all, a fantastic day with some great friends! If you couldn’t make it this time, be sure to join us next time! Follow us on Facebook to stay up-to-date with upcoming events and to see more pictures of the May Day Expo.

May Day Product Expo Des Moines Iowa Laser Resources