Basketball, Barnstomers, and Bulking Up

More Thursday Thoughts after a couple weeks away. We had to gather our thoughts; these things don’t just write themselves. Get excited everybody, because it’s been a busy month in the world of sports and now it’s already FOOTBALL SEASON. True, the Super Bowl ended just under 2 months ago, but we’re already back at it here in central Iowa. LRI is a proud partner of the Arena Football League’s Iowa Barnstormers and they are gearing up for another successful season at Wells Fargo Arena!

Speaking of Wells Fargo Arena, did anyone catch the NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament over the past two weeks? LRI was excited to provide equipment for this great event. The Des Moines Regional was the best-attended regional of the four and it was also the most exciting. In case your head was buried in the (growing) grass, or possibly stuck in the sand on spring break, here are some highlights:

– The Des Moines Region average attendance was 7,941 people. Kingston had just over 6,000 and the other two regions didn’t even crack 4,000. Iowans love their hoops.

– The Baylor Lady Bears took home the regional crown and advanced to the Final Four behind All-American Brittney Griner. She’s 6’8″, has a wingspan of 7’1″, and could have started yesterday for the Washington Wizards. Or at least help out your hopeless office basketball team.

– Tennessee Lady Vols coach Pat Summitt and her team lost to Baylor in the regional final and missed out on advancing to the Final Four. Some believe it could have been the last game for the winningest college basketball coach ever. We hope she comes back, because everyone can appreciate a winner that works that hard for that long.

Brittney Griner wouldn’t stop dunking.

Okay, I also mentioned it’s Barnstomers time starting this Saturday. LRI loves partnering with the Barnstormers and we are gearing up for another great season here at the office. I picked up one of our preseason workout regimens and felt like sharing it with you:

7:45am : Everyone report to the parking lot for stretching.

7:55am: Cross-speed footwork (weaving through parked cars), military shoulder presses using reams of copy paper, and only one donut allowed per person.

8:05am: Everyone has to go home to change, due to already sweating through their work clothes.

8:15-noon: Actually working.

Noon: No lunch, no chairs, just wall squats as we conduct a sales meeting. We have to build up those quads.

1:00pm: Offense (sales) runs through its playbook as a group in the conference room and targets new prospects. Defense (operations) scouts our customers and makes sure we are proactive and ready for anything they may need. 

3:30pm: Relentless wind sprints behind the warehouse.

3:34pm: Relentless vomiting behind the warehouse.

4:00pm: Push-ups (putting both hands on desktop HP printers) and toner-tossing speed relays.

5:00pm: Review our game plan, make sure we have tickets for Saturday’s game, and bring out the ice packs.