Posters, Banners, and Large Format Printers

It’s true: we now sell large format printers here at Laser Resources. This is great news for our customers (and for our movie poster collection). Have you seen a large format printer? Do you know the endless possibilities that come with operating one? Well, for starters…

You can create posters. Of every shape, size, and color. You don’t want white borders on your poster? No problem. You can print them “borderless”, which means the print goes right to the edge of the page!

talladega nights will ferrel laser resources large format printer

You can print banners. Now every book fair and family reunion can announce their event in style!

banner large format printer laser resources iowa

You can enlarge professional photography. Whether it is an awesome landscape, a family portrait, or just a sweet pic of your favorite goldfish, you can make them larger than life.

landscape large format printer laser resources iowa

You can print blueprints and drawings. This is extremely helpful for the construction industry, and these printers help make your job much easier.

blueprint large format printer laser resources iowa


Want a sneak peek at the large format printers we will be offering? Check out this link and get excited: