Buying Paper Trimmers, Folders, Shredders, and More

martin yale paper folder

By now, you know that Laser Resources is well-known around Des Moines and Iowa for selling and servicing digital printing presses, multifunction copiers, Pitney Bowes mailing solutions, and more. But what happens if your documents need a little extra attention after coming off the copier or printer? What if you need to turn those documents into a paper pad? What if you need to fold thousands of documents to fit into letter-sized mailers for your local church? Or maybe you need to shred documents for security purposes?

No worries. Through our industry relationships, Laser Resources has access to a variety of document finishing equipment through world-renowned manufacturers like Martin Yale, Duplo, and MBM Corporation. If your office needs document finishing capabilities such as folding, binding, padding, trimming, or even shredding… we have you covered.

Professional Paper Folding Machines: This equipment provides your office with high-speed folding capabilities. These machines feature automatic feeding, folding, and stacking of your documents. We have a wide range of folding options (from manual to automatic) and speeds (from 1,800 sheets/hour to 35,000 sheets/hour).

Paper Trimmers: Do you work at a print shop or a school? Could you use a fleet of easy-to-use paper trimmers? We have the connections to find you paper trimmers to create custom paper pads and cut reams of paper in seconds. These paper trimmers range in size and can be manual “guillotine” trimmers or automatic paper trimmers.

martin yale paper trimmer

Paper Joggers: Sometimes static just gets in the way. If your office environment struggles with static and experiences frustrating paper jams, a paper jogger could be the answer to your problem. Paper joggers gently shake stacks of paper into clean piles, organizing sheets and eliminating static.

We could include all the information about padding presses, tabbers, letter openers, and business card slitters, but you get the point. If you need document finishing capabilities outside of your copier or printer, we have the connections to get you what you need! Just simply ask your Laser Resources salesperson about our document finishing options and we will find the perfect solution for your situation.