Ron Burgundy’s Thoughts on Diversity


And there you have it. Ron Burgundy discussing “diversity”. By the way, did you all see that they are doing a sequel?? Heck yes. (Heads up: some inappropriate language, but that’s nothing new for these guys.) Of course, our Anchorman friend is a bit off when it comes to “diversity”. But why is it so important in business? Why would we dedicate a Friday afternoon to discussing it? Here’s why:

One Person Can’t Do Everything

People have different strengths. Odds are, you aren’t a great cook and a world-class bowler and a published author and your company’s top salesperson for the past five years. And if you are, stop reading this blog right now and just give yourself fist bumps for the rest of the day. Your organization needs balance and having a diverse group of people helps to accomplish that; check out our last blog comparing your team to the Miami Heat. Different people bring different ideas and solutions to your company’s problems, and that helps solve them quicker and more efficiently. The old saying goes “surround yourself with people that are smarter than you” if you want to be successful. This is true, and keeping a good amount of diversity in talents, backgrounds, and creativity helps you become more successful.

One Machine Can’t Do Everything

The same thing goes for your office equipment. The iPad is impressive, but it doesn’t come attached to a production-quality printer. It also needs to be protected with network security, along with all your other devices. LRI can analyze what equipment your organization needs to print the documents you specialize in every day. Our equipment can reduce the amount of machines using all of your toner, time, and electricity and streamline your process. We can also protect these valuable devices with 24/7/365 security monitoring, ensuring that you and your team are never vulnerable to outside threats. The point is, you need the right combination of different printers, copiers, scanners, and fax machines and you need them to be operating at full capacity, and that is LRI’s specialty. It’s how we have established relationships with some of Iowa’s biggest companies and built our success for the past 20+ years. In fact, we were just featured in The Business Record‘s issue focusing on Leaders in Technology!

One Manufacturer Can’t Provide Everything

As for the companies that build these diverse group of business machines, none of them can do it all. Oce and Xerox focus primarily on high-volume, production units that print in black and white. This may be exactly what you’re looking for in printing financial statements with variable data, like SourceHOV in Urbandale. Konica Minolta dabbles in production printing in color and black and white, along with a few smaller multifunctional printers. Toshiba and Lexmark focus on these multifunctional printers, which is great for workgroups that want to save money and share a machine that can copy/print/scan/fax with the touch of a button. HP focuses on desktop printing capabilities, which works perfect for places like West Des Moines Community Schools and their managed print services contract with LRI. The benefit of being an independent, locally-owned company is that LRI works with all of these manufacturers, not just one. This allows us to offer the absolute best solution for you and  your company based on your needs and our extensive industry experience.

Sorry, Ron, but diversity is very important. Whether you are forming your organization’s team, choosing your office’s machines, or looking for a solution from several manufacturers, diversity helps you work smarter. And if you want some advice on how to do any of the above, give us a call at LRI.

(All Anchorman material is under copyright by Dreamworks)