Smashing Printers For The Kids

You read that right. We sell high quality printers, copiers, and multifunction devices, and we are SMASHING them in a little over a month. Won’t you help us? LRI is pleased to announce our Customer Appreciation BBQ will be on Thursday, Sept. 13th from 4-7pm across from our offices at 4265 NW 109th St. in Urbandale. We will have live music with Tony Valdez and the Retro Rockets, catered BBQ, cold beers, and a fun printer smash for charity. $5 gets you 5 whacks at a printer (take out that frustration!) and all of the donations go directly to Dance Marathon, which is an organization that partners with the Children’s Miracle Network to support children with terminal illnesses at the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital. We would love to have you join us, so please RSVP to by Monday, Sept. 10th! And loosen up your arms and shoulders for some smashing.

While smashing printers is really, really fun, the best part of this event will be how it ties to Dance Marathon (DM) and the Children’s Miracle Network. If you’re not familiar, Dance Marathon is an organization that helps children with terminal illnesses and their families. As an Iowa State alum I’ll describe the Iowa State Dance Marathon (@ISUDM), but DM participates with over 150 universities, colleges, and high schools nationwide. DM helps the families year-round through fundraising, fun events like Teal Wheels, field trips with the children, and of course their namesake event: the Dance Marathon. This is an event where students sign up to dance, play games, jump around, and just hang out with the kids…all while pledging to stand on their feet for the entire 15-hour event. Families of the children are invited to come participate in the fun-filled day, and every hour on the hour all participants perform the “Morale Dance”. This dance is taught to all participants at the start of the day as a choreographed dance to a mash-up of several different songs. Check it out. All hours are themed with anything from “Disney Hour” to “Superheroes” to “Under the Sea”, and it adds laughs and smiles when student leaders dress up in costume for these themes. The ISU committee went viral last year with a hit video based on Katy Perry’s hit song Firework, and this year they have another great video encouraging students to sign up and for sponsors to get involved. And if you feel like getting involved, please do!

The money raised by Dance Marathon events at schools like ISU, Iowa, and UNI truly makes a meaningful difference in people’s lives. It helps with families’ medical expenses and makes their stay at the hospital more comfortable and more convenient. The money also helps with research that will hopefully find the cure for some of these terminal illnesses soon. At ISU, I participated in Dance Marathon and can’t tell you how moving and inspirational the whole day was. Sometimes we take our health for granted, but these young kids have so much spirit and so much joy despite their health challenges. They are true heroes and anyone that has the privilege of being near them, even for just a day, will be truly inspired. The least we can do is smash a few printers for them. So, practice your lumberjack swing and come help us help the kids!