Laser Resources: What We Do

Laser Resources offers the right solutions to help your business maximize efficiency and minimize costs. Whether it’s managing your printer fleet in the most effective manner with our Managed Print Services or getting the most out of your color printers with our Color Consulting Services, LRI has the solution that’s right for you. We are also proud to offer the world’s best copy machines, multifunction printers (MFP), and IT services.

Laser Resources also offers Professional Services that are designed to help your business achieve success quickly and efficiently. Each service has a return on investment that can be measured through proven results. We not only support the hardware and software solutions that we sell, but most third party solutions as well.

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Production Print

Multifunction Printers

Managed Print Services

Virtual CIO

Facilities Management

Print Consulting


Here are some programs we utilize to offer world-class customer service:

Information on our E-Info System

Information on FMAudit

Information on LRI’s utilization of US Fleet Tracking