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Save Money and Time With Better Document Management

Too many organizations today still depend upon paper for information management. They organize documents in the same old way: desk drawers, filing cabinets, and boxes that all get stashed away in the back of their office or in an off-site facility across town. Futhering the problem, digital documents like rough drafts and spreadsheets often get printed out “just in case.” The result? More tons of paper requiring more storage and even more costly hold-ups for sales, legal, shipping and every other department.

Store and Retrieve With Ease

DocuWare organizes your information for you according to your chosen priorities, categories, labels, or search terms. Once you’ve scanned a paper document or received a digital form or record files gets automatically stored for fast, easy accessibility for everyone.  And your entire organization enjoys greater productivity and profitability.

Seamless Workflow Automation

Every organization has documents that require collaboration from several team members. With DocuWare, you can instantly check on the status of any document with a click: who’s worked on it and where it stands. Track the document’s history, compare versions, and make sure everyone who was supposed to be included was included. Then, you can move it along smoothly through the pipeline.

Mobile Access and Seamless Integration

Access your documents anywhere at anytime. DocuWare works perfectly with Windows and Mac-based systems. This includes smartphones and tablets so you have access wherever you are. You can also integrate virtually any application into your DocuWare Document Management System. Your ERP, inventory-management, or accounting program; your Microsoft SharePoint Server, or SAP. Even your email program! You can also customize your documents from any place, at any time, without having to switch from one program to another. Access documents archived in your DocuWare system right from the business applications you’re already using.

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