Laser Resources: Multi-Carrier Shipping Solutions

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Multi-carrier shipping solutions allow you to gain control of your organization’s shipping and mailing costs. Most companies have several carriers and multiple systems for outgoing packages, but multi-carrier solutions use pre-negotiated pricing and automatically price shop to make sure the lowest costs are being achieved for your organization.

Multi-Carrier vs. FedEx or UPS

FedEx and UPS both have proprietary software, yet FedEx software can only ship FedEx packages, while UPS software can only ship UPS packages. Neither software automatically looks for the lowest rate or fastest delivery time for your packages. Also, these independent systems are antiquated and lack the level of integration that larger and more complex organizations demand.

Multi-carrier shipping solutions allow you to use current pre-negotiated pricing with vendors and price shops all available services to provide you with the lowest cost available. Your automation levels are adjustable based on your shipping volumes, frequencies, and desired applied business rules. Sendsuite Xpress, Sensuite Live, and ProShip can also integrate at whatever level your organization desires, so regardless of your database, ERP, CRM, or WMS, these solutions from Laser Resources will meet your needs.

Save Time and Save Money

With multi-carrier shipping solutions from Laser Resources, you no longer need to waste time and energy switching back and forth between shipping providers. You don’t have to hassle with finding the lowest rates for each specific package and destionation.

With a multi-carrier shipping solution, you will lower your shipping costs automatically by finding the lowest available rate from multiple providers for each and every package. Every organization wants to improve productivity and reduce expenses. These shipping solutions from Laser Resources do that for you by controlling your costs and improving efficiency. Best of all, we have the local service and support to implement these solutions and customize them to your needs.