SPECIAL OFFER: 100% Free Audit (Installation and Analysis)

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Hey there! This is Thomas… thank you for opening my email and grabbing this offer! I’m glad you’re here.


I want to “WOW” you and your organization. I want to offer you an incredible value and I want to offer it for free.


Today, I’m excited to offer you a FREE managed print services audit with our industry-leading software, FMAudit. (You can read more about our customized Managed Print Services program here.)


How does this help your organization? It saves you money and eliminates headaches (sweet, right?). Our FMAudit software will automatically document all printers and copiers on your office network. Then, it will track the usage of all these devices so you can see how much print volume goes through each piece of equipment.

This allows you to make educated decisions regarding which equipment is being used properly, which equipment is overworked, and which equipment is unnecessary (and wasting your money!).

This audit can also show us which users are costing you the most money. We can see where print jobs came from, so you can finally identify co-workers that are sending large jobs to small printers, which is wasteful and not cost-effective. We can even automatically route these jobs to the correct piece of equipment!

Claim Your Free Audit

All you need to do is schedule a time for me to come in and perform the audit! I’ll check out your current equipment and upload our software so it can start monitoring the usage of each networked printer or copier. And don’t worry, this software¬†only sends print counts back to us (outgoing)… it can’t receive any information from us (incoming).

To schedule your free audit, please email me (Thomas) at Thomas@LaserResources.com or feel free to suggest some convenient times by clicking here to access my public Doodle calendar.

Thank you… I look forward to working with you!