DocuWare Document Management Improves Office Workflow

Laser Resources has a long history of helping customers throughout Iowa with their documents. Whether that be through cost-saving multifunction devices, production print engines, or Pitney Bowes mailing solutions, we have always worked hard to bring the very best document systems to our customers. Today, that service expands into improving office workflow with document management […]

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Are Copiers Still Needed in 2013?

A part of our business includes selling, servicing, and supporting copiers. With the abundance of iPads, e-books, smart phones, scanning, and PDF’s, you might wonder how a copier fits in to this digital age. If people are using less paper, can a copier adapt and still bring value to your organization? Does your company still […]

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Offset Printing vs. Digital Printing…Who Wins?

Here at LRI, we work with a variety of production printers and we see a variety of machines. In the past, offset printing dominated the production print arena, but with the advancement of technology, digital printing is now taking a larger stake in the market. So, what’s the best solution for your needs? We’re here […]

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