Iowa vs. Iowa State… Sort Of.

I think there is something happening this weekend in Iowa City. I haven’t been able to figure out just what it is, but judging by the amount of Facebook statuses, Twitter updates, news coverage, and face-to-face insults I’ve been witnessing¬†(and from the other side), something is getting people all worked up. OH YES. It’s Hate¬†Rivalry […]

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Offset Printing vs. Digital Printing…Who Wins?

Here at LRI, we work with a variety of production printers and we see a variety of machines. In the past, offset printing dominated the production print arena, but with the advancement of technology, digital printing is now taking a larger stake in the market. So, what’s the best solution for your needs? We’re here […]

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Proactive Network Security vs. Reactive Network Security

Thursday Thoughts! Back on Thursday! Ahhh, it feels good. Today, our topic is pretty simple: proactive network security for your organization is the smarter choice when compared to the old approach of reactive security. Remember when your mom told you not to procrastinate on your homework? And that nerdy kid in science class always handed […]

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