Upgrades to Our e-Info Customer Portal

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Did you know you can use our e-Info customer portal to submit service calls, supply orders, and meter reads online? Pretty sweet, huh? You can enter all of this information and receive our award-winning customer service throughout Iowa without ever even having to pick up a phone!

Recently, we have upgraded our e-Info customer portal, and below you will find some documents detailing how to use the portal to place service calls, supply orders and meter reads on your copier, printer, or mailing equipment.

e-Info Tile View Upgrades

Entering a Meter Read with e-Info

Placing a Service Call with e-Info

Placing a Supply Order with e-Info


Please be advised that we are still experiencing difficulties with our website link since upgrading our network. Click here to submit your monthly meter reads once you have emailed kim.mraz@laserresources.com to obtain your new password. However, please feel free to email your meter counts to Kim and she will be happy to enter those if that is more convenient for you. Thank you!
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