Why We Love Des Moines. And Iowa.

John Kinsella: Is this heaven?

Ray Kinsella: No, it’s Iowa.

If you never saw the hit movie Field of Dreams in 1989, you might have missed this quote. Here’s proof. But for us Iowans, this is truly a glorious (and very rare) moment in the Hollywood spotlight. In fact, how is this not our state motto? It beats the pants off of “Fields of Opportunities” if you ask me. This iconic quote has also been brought to life by local clothing company Raygun, and can be worn like this. Pretty cool.

People laughed a little when Kevin Costner said that because obviously nobody would mistake heaven with Iowa. While natives like myself would argue that this place really is a slice of heaven, people from California, Texas, and New York probably wouldn’t be too interested. But now, for small businesses and start ups, you would be hard-pressed to find a more ideal situation than right here in Iowa. And more specifically, central Iowa and Des Moines. This has become a heaven for businesses, and we here at Laser Resources couldn’t be more proud.

In case you missed it, in the past year Forbes magazine has listed Des Moines as the top city for young professionals in the nation and one of the top two cities for new jobs. Last year, Men’s Journal listed Des Moines as the top place to live in the growing Silicon Prairie and one of the top 18 coolest places to live in America. MarketWatch also listed Des Moines as the 3rd best city for business overall. Now, this is all impressive coverage for a little city on the river that most Americans still can’t pronounce right.

In years past, other states were benefitting from Iowans’ talent and famous work ethic. Now, the state seems to be retaining some of these gifted and hard-working individuals. The startup scene in Des Moines has picked up tremendously in the past 5 years, with the growth of local startups like Dwolla and Social Money. There is an area downtown now dubbed “Silicon 6th” for a stretch of 6th Avenue that houses several growing startups. Organizations like Startup City are helping young entrepreneurs collaborate with one another and foster a more innovative culture here in central Iowa. We are helping to grow the Silicon Prairie region, which is an area of the country right here in the Heartland that is proving you don’t need to move to the coasts to start new, exciting businesses. Silicon Prairie News is a fantastic resource to keep up with what’s going on here in Des Moines, as well as in Omaha, Kansas City, and other parts of the Prairie.

As a smaller local company (and a former central Iowa startup), we are very proud of the progress that’s being made here in Iowa. We have been fortunate to have great success as a small business and we hope to help others do the exact same thing, right here in the metro. (We even sponsored an entrepreneurial trip for Iowa State students to the National CEO Conference in Dallas last fall!)

For all of you ‘treps out there, give us a call or visit our website if you are looking for help with document creation. We have copiers/printers/scanners/faxes of all kinds. We’d love to help out and share some tips to save you money and help you grow! And most of all, we’re proud to be serving right here in this little slice of business heaven.


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