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Happy Thursday! That means it’s almost Friday, right? And for those of you lucky enough, you are looking at a lovely spring break vacation in the next few days. In honor of our vacation-ing friends, I’ve decided to let everybody in on a secret to live a little easier and work a little less. Too good to be true? Psshhh.

It’s called FM Audit. LRI can install this system on your organization’s network to remotely monitor all of your printers so you don’t have to. LRI can see printer problems in real-time, speeding up response time and decreasing your downtime. FM Audit can perform meter reads so you don’t have to fax them in or check them yourself. It also automatically notifies LRI when a printer is running out of toner or needs supplies so LRI can ship it directly to your door without you ever having to pick up a phone or curse under your breath. And here’s the best feature: it’s free with our managed print service. Did you just spontaneously burst into laughter and tears in a fit of joy? I thought you might.

LRI is excited to offer this service to their valued partners, because it makes for a better customer experience. It reduces a lot of busy work on the customer’s end and helps LRI create the best solution for your organization’s specific needs based on actual volumes of print and devices. Imagine all the things you would have time for now that you don’t have to manually monitor meter reads, toner levels, and printer productivity. You could dedicate more time to your customers, finally clean up your office space, or form that acappella group with the guys from accounting. It’s up to you!

Leave a comment here or on our Facebook page and tell us what you would like to use your extra time for. Keep checking back every Thursday and leave any comments or suggestions below! Now go wipe those tears of joy and get back to work already.

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These guys may have had a little too much time on their hands…

These guys may have had a little too much time on their hands…